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based in London

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Born in the sunshine state of Queensland, Australia, I have been creating video content for over five years. In 2022, I made the big move to London to further my career in the post-production/camera department industry.

I am committed to providing creative and engaging content for my clients. I am internationally renown for incorporating animation and graphics design elements into my video projects. This method has shown to increase audience retention and global appeal.

Frequently asked questions

Organising a video shoot can be difficult, here’s some pointers.

Do you provide kit?

Absolutely! Typically I will supply video cameras, lenses, tripods, microphones, lighting and a couple other toys to play with. For more specific shoots, I have access to cinema-grade equipment and additional crew.

You can rest assured that there’ll be no nasty surprises on shoot day!

I don’t know what type of video I want. Will you help?

I come from a background in the marketing industry working with businesses across Australia and the UK. Hiring me as a cinematographer also hires me as your personal marketing advisor, project manager and barista (if you like burnt coffee). 

What is a cinematographer?

Cinematographer/videographer are in control of the final shots of the film they are creating. Most are also the camera operator and editor but are flexible depending on scope. 

Can I hire you for half a day?

For sure! I operate on a standard 4 hour half day rate. If we can complete filming in that time, you won’t need to pay for any more.

Did you really ride kangaroos to school?

It’s much cheaper than paying for fuel nowadays, plus he was my personal bodyguard against any school bullies!

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